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Thank you for visiting Galronmfg. Launched in 2004 Galron has endeavored to create high quality items and maintain the highest level of customer service possible. We are a maker of unique merchandise which spans many topics including but not limited to sci-fi, gaming and automotive. We work primarily with metals and utilize 3 axis CNC machining to create custom high quality merchandise.

We specialize in personalized memorabilia. Some of our products include personalized BSG dog tags, Starfleet Dog Tags, completely personalized trek ship dedication plaques and the BSG twelve colony zodiac necklaces. We also carry an assortment of sci-fi pins and patches including but not limited to Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate and Dr. Who.

Contact us with your questions and suggestions.

Order with confidence! We have a 100% eBay feedback rating!!!